Walnut Drop-down Table

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  • Made for a small kitchen
  • Seats four
  • Wall mounted and folds down
  • Dual support arms are spring loaded; they push into place as the table is lifted

Lumber Selection and Glue-up

  • Every project starts with a need and a rough sketch to caputre some ideas.
  • Not all ideas survive scrutiny.
  • The hinges are unlacquered with a slightly oxidised finish; a little wax stabilizes it.
  • Jointing the edges for a tight fit for glue-up done by hand.

Fold-down Action

Video 1: Testing the fit of the apron when the table folds down.


Video 2: Spring-loaded table supports

Small Details

  • The support arms are held back with small brass ball catches until the table is ready to be lifted.
  • Torsion springs push the supports into place. The hinges are offset so oppposing screws don't collide.
  • Half-lap joints create a mechanical interlock.
  • Brass machine screws allow fine adjustments to level the table top.

The Finished Table

  • The color was custom matched to a flooring sample for the customer.
  • A process of shellac, dye, oil stain, and polyurethane offered a good match.